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Reporting and Review Process

The following is a listing of the reports submitted by parties and other reporting entities under the various Reporting and Review processes.

Affected Country Parties

Reporting entity201220103rd reporting2nd reporting1st reporting
Afghanistan2006 eng
Algeria201220102004 fre2002 fre1999 fre
Angola2002 eng1999 eng
Antigua and Barbuda20102006 eng2002 eng
Argentina201220102006 spa
Armenia201220102006 eng2002 rus
Australia2002 eng
Azerbaijan20122006 rus2002 rus
Bahamas20102006 eng
Bahrain2000 eng
Bangladesh2006 eng2002 eng2001 eng
Barbados20102002 eng
Belarus201220102006 rus
Benin201220102002 fre1999 fre
Bhutan201220102006 eng
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)20122006 spa
Bosnia and Herzegovina20122010
Botswana2004 eng2002 eng1999 eng
Brazil201220102006 eng
Bulgaria201220102006 rus2002 eng
Burkina Faso201220102004 fre2002 fre1999 fre
Burundi20102004 fre2002 fre1999 fre
Cambodia2006 eng2002 eng
Cameroon20121999 fre
Canada2000 fre
Cape Verde20102004 fre2002 fre1999 fre
Central African Republic201220102004 fre2002 fre
Chad201220102004 fre2002 fre1999 fre
Chile201220102006 spa2002 spa
China201220102002 eng
Colombia201220102006 spa2002 spa
Comoros2004 fre2002 fre
Congo20102004 fre2002 fre
Cook Islands201220102006 eng2002 eng
Costa Rica20122006 spa2002 spa
Côte d'Ivoire201220102004 fre2002 fre1999 fre
Croatia3rd reporting
Cuba201220102006 spa
Cyprus2006 eng2002 eng
Democratic People's Republic of Korea2006 eng
Democratic Republic of the Congo201220102004 fre2002 fre1999 fre
Djibouti20102004 fre2002 fre1999 fre
Dominica20102006 eng2002 eng
Dominican Republic20102006 eng
Ecuador201220102006 spa2002 spa
Egypt20122004 eng1999 eng
El Salvador20102006 spa2002 spa
Equatorial Guinea20102005 spa
Eritrea201220102004 eng2002 eng1999 eng
Ethiopia2004 eng2002 eng1999 eng
Fiji20102002 eng2000 eng
Gabon201220102004 fre2002 fre
Gambia20102004 eng1999 eng
Georgia20122006 eng2002 eng
Ghana20102004 eng2002 eng1999 eng
Greece2002 eng2000 eng
Grenada20102006 eng2002 eng
Guatemala201220102006 spa2002 spa
Guinea201220102004 fre2002 fre1999 fre
Guinea-Bissau201220102004 fre2002 fre1999 fre
Guyana201220102006 eng2002 eng
Haiti2002 fre
Honduras2006 spa2000 spa
Hungary201220102006 eng2002 eng
India201220102002 eng2000 eng
Indonesia201220102006 eng2002 eng2000 eng
International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development2012
Iran (Islamic Republic of)201220102006 eng2002 eng2000 eng
Italy201220102006 eng2002 eng
Jamaica20102002 eng
Jordan2007 eng2002 eng2000 eng
Kazakhstan201220102000 rus
Kenya20102004 eng2002 eng1999 eng
Kuwait201220102002 ara2000 ara
Kyrgyzstan201220102000 rus
Lao People's Democratic Republic20122006 eng2002 eng2000 eng
Latvia2006 eng
Lebanon201220102006 eng2002 eng2000 eng
Lesotho201220102004 eng2002 eng1999 eng
Liberia2002 eng
Libya20102004 ara2002 ara1999 eng
Lithuania2006 eng
Madagascar201220102004 fre2002 fre1999 fre
Malawi2004 eng2002 eng1999 eng
Malaysia2006 eng2002 eng2000 eng
Mali201220102004 fre2002 fre1999 fre
Malta2002 eng
Marshall Islands2002 eng
Mauritania2004 fre2002 fre1999 eng
Mauritius201220102004 eng
Mexico201220102006 spa2002 spa
Mongolia201220102006 eng2000 eng
Morocco201220102004 fre2002 fre1999 fre
Mozambique2004 eng2002 eng1999 eng
Myanmar20102006 eng2002 eng2000 eng
Namibia20102004 eng2002 eng1999 eng
Nauru20102002 eng
Nepal201220102002 eng2000 eng
New Zealand2002 eng
Nicaragua2006 spa2002 spa
Niger201220102004 fre2002 fre1999 fre
Nigeria201220102004 eng2002 eng1999 eng
Niue2006 eng2002 eng2000 eng summary
Oman201220102000 eng
Pakistan201220102006 eng2002 eng2000 eng
Palau20102002 eng2000 eng
Panama20122006 spa2002 spa
Papua New Guinea2002 eng
Paraguay2006 spa2002 spa
Peru20102006 spa2002 spa
Philippines201220102006 eng2002 eng
Poland2006 eng
Portugal201220102006 fre2002 eng
Qatar2002 eng2000 eng
Republic of Korea2006 eng2002 eng2000 eng
Republic of Moldova201220102006 eng
Romania20102006 eng2002 eng
Russian Federation201220102006 eng
Rwanda20102004 fre2002 fre1999 fre
Saint Kitts and Nevis20102006 eng
Saint Lucia20102006 eng2002 eng
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines20102006 eng2002 eng
Samoa201220102006 eng2002 eng
Sao Tome and Principe201220102004 fre2002 fre
Saudi Arabia20102000 ara
Senegal201220102004 fre2002 fre1999 fre
Seychelles2004 eng
Sierra Leone20102004 eng2002 eng
Singapore2002 eng2000 eng
Slovakia20102006 eng
Solomon Islands2006 eng2002 eng
South Africa201220102002 eng1999 eng
Spain201220102002 spa2000 spa
Sri Lanka201220102006 eng2002 eng2000 eng
Sudan2004 eng2002 eng1999 eng
Suriname20102002 eng
Swaziland2004 eng2002 eng1999 eng
Syrian Arab Republic201220102002 ara
Thailand201220102006 eng2002 eng
The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia201220102006 eng
Timor-Leste2006 eng
Togo201220102004 fre1999 fre
Tonga20102002 eng
Trinidad and Tobago2010
Tunisia201220102004 fre2002 fre1999 fre
Turkey2006 eng2002 eng2000 eng
Turkmenistan201220102002 rus
Tuvalu20102002 eng2000 eng
Uganda201220102004 eng2002 eng1999 eng
Ukraine201220102006 rus
United Arab Emirates20102006 ara
United Republic of Tanzania201220102004 eng2002 eng1999 eng
United States of America2006 eng
Uruguay2002 spa
Uzbekistan201220102006 rus2000 rus
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)2002 spa
Viet Nam201220102006 eng2002 eng2000 eng
Yemen20102002 ara
Zambia201220102005 eng2002 eng1999 eng
Zimbabwe20102004 eng2002 eng1999 eng

Developed Country Parties

Reporting entity201220103rd reporting2nd reporting1st reporting
Australia201220102002 eng
Belgium2002 eng
Czech Republic201220102002 eng
Denmark20102000 eng
European Union20102002 eng
Finland20122002 eng
France201220102002 fre
Germany201220102002 eng
Greece2004 eng2002 eng
Ireland2002 eng
Israel20102002 eng2000 eng
Japan201220102002 eng
Liechtenstein2002 eng
Monaco2004 fre2002 eng
Netherlands201220102002 eng
New Zealand2002 eng
Norway20102004 eng
Portugal20122002 eng2000 fre
Republic of Korea2010
Spain20122002 spa1999 spa
Sweden2004 eng2002 eng
Switzerland201220102002 eng
Turkey20122004 eng
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland2002 eng
United States of America2002 eng

United Nations Agencies and Intergovernmental Organizations

Reporting entity201220103rd reporting2nd reporting1st reporting
African Union2004 eng2002 eng
Arab Center for the Studies of Arid Zones and Dry Lands2002 eng1999 eng
Arab Organization for Agricultural Development1999 eng
Centre for Environment and Development for the Arab Region and Europe2002 eng1999 eng
Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean2010
European Space Agency2006 eng
Food and Agriculture Organization2002 eng
Global Environment Facility2004 eng2000 eng
International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas2004 eng2002 eng
International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics1999 eng
International Fund for Agricultural Development2002 eng2000 eng
Inter-Parliamentary Union1999 eng
Islamic Development Bank2004 eng
IUCN - The World Conservation Union2004 eng
Observatoire du Sahara et du Sahel2002 fre1999 fre
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development2002 eng
Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie1999 fre
Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity2004 eng
Secretariat of the Convention on Wetlands2004 eng1999 eng
Union Economique et Monétaire de l'Afrique de l'Ouest2002 fre1999 fre
United Nations Conference on Trade and Development2004 eng
United Nations Development Fund for Women1999 eng
United Nations Development Programme20102002 eng
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization2004 eng2002 eng
United Nations Environment Programme2004 eng2002 eng
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees2006 eng2002 eng
United Nations Industrial Development Organization2004 eng2002 eng2000 eng
United Nations University
World Bank2006 eng2002 eng
World Food Programme2004 eng2002 eng
World Health Organization2006 eng
World Meteorological Organization
World Trade Organization2002 eng

Civil Society Organizations

Reporting entity201220103rd reporting2nd reporting1st reporting
Asociación para la Investigación y el Desarrollo Integral2010
Association malienne pour la protection de l'environnement "Stop-Sahel"2010
Association pour l'environnement et le développement durable2010
Association Prudence au Sahel2010
Centre d'actions et de réalisations internationales2010
Drylands Coordination Group - Norway2010
Emirates Environmental Group2010
Environnement Développement Action dans le Tiers Monde2010
Fundación Agreste (ecología y medio ambiente, desarrollo sustentable y cooperación)2010
Fundación del Sur2010
Fundazija Zemja Zavinagi2010
Gram Bharati Samiti2010
Gramin Vikas Trust2010
Grupo Ambiental para el Desarrollo2010
Man and Nature2010
Nongovernmental Organization BIOS2010
Participatory Ecological Land Use Management2010
Réseau de Développement d’Agriculture Durable2004 eng2002 eng
Social Fund "Socium" of Support and Realization Youth's Initiatives2010
Society for Conservation & Protection of Environment2010
Sustainable Development Policy Institute2002 eng2000 eng
Watershed Organisation Trust2010

Global Environment Facility

Reporting entity201220103rd reporting2nd reporting1st reporting
Global Environment Facility20122010

Global Mechanism

Reporting entity201220103rd reporting2nd reporting1st reporting
Global Mechanism20122010

UNCCD secretariat

Reporting entity201220103rd reporting2nd reporting1st reporting
United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification2010

Regional Action Plans

Reporting entity201220103rd reporting2nd reporting1st reporting
The Center for People and Forests2012

Subregional Action Plans

Reporting entity201220103rd reporting2nd reporting1st reporting
Caribbean Network for Intergrated Rural Development2012
Central Asia SRAP2012
West Asia SRAP2012

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